Cibes A9000 Cabin Lift

Cibes A9000 Cabin Lift

Cibes A9000 Cabin Deluxe is a lift that takes comfort, elegance and smart function to the next level. The exquisite design includes a ready-made shaft in steel or glass, a fully enclosed cabin with elegant LED lit ceiling and sliding doors. If you so desire, the Cibes A9000 cabin can be glazed for a spectacular panoramic view. The lift is operated by one-touch automatic controls and operation is virtually soundless thangmay.

Key Features for Cibes A9000

Key features for Cibes A9000

  • Luxurious cabin lift with ready-made shaft
  • Fully enclosed cabin with elegant sliding doors in steel or glass
  • Auto-run controls
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Delivered with a ready-made shaft in steel or glass

Options for door configuration

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories

Please find examples of our most popular options below:

  • Fire drive
  • Emergency lowering (from inside the lift)
  • School lock
  • Concealed automatic door opener
  • Automatic shaft light
  • Voice announcement
  • Arrival signal
  • Level indicators
  • Remote call buttons
  • Intercom
  • Integrated, hands-free auto-dialer


This is a lift that is extremely safe going up and down and it simply cannot "fall down".

All Cibes lift models carry the CE mark and are subjected to extensive testing and quality control before leaving our factory. Our lifts comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable European Standards.

Lifts are delivered with the following documentation:

  • Type certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity (issued upon installation check)


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