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Cibes Panoramic Home Lift

Ngày đăng: 08/04/2015

Villas and townhouses are becoming taller and narrower, with living space on each floor sacrificed by total increased living space vertically. Parking cars underneath at 1st or 2nd floor basements are more and more common, even in areas with high water tables or prone to flooding.

The best place for a lift is the in middle of the staircase from a design perspective. Space saving footprint and 360 degree panoramic glass shaft are perfect for this type of layout.

Installing a traditional traction or hydraulic lift, with steel support structure and shaft, often has a usable Lift space utilization (lifting area versus total elevator structure total area requirements) of just 30-40%. With Cibes panoramic home lift, you can get above 70% space utilization, and even come in small sizes with a footprint of just about 1 square meter! In these types of homes, the most beautiful solution is having the lift in the center of the staircase with panoramic glass.

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