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Cibes Space saving Home Lift

Ngày đăng: 22/03/2015

With the recent market changes regarding land usage, town houses or “smaller villas” are now more and more common as building vertically is generally less expensive than building horizontally. These houses often have basements and underground parking.

For homes with underground parking or basements, digging a pit requires extensive alteration of the original foundation and building additional support structure, which will entail water proofing and other significant building works.

These houses are usually tall and have underground levels; however they have very limited area per floor. Going up and down the stairs can be a burden for the members of the families, and installing a traditional lift with a shaft takes up significant floor space.

Cibes Lift developed one of the world’s most convenient elevator solutions. It eliminates the cost and trouble of digging a pit, building a shaft and separate support structure. There is no need to modify your existing foundation; you can just put a Cibes no-pit Lift directly on your lowest landing floor. Simple fixing points along the shaft that require minimal structural support are all that remains to install!

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