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Safety of Cibes Home Lift

Ngày đăng: 20/03/2015


With the growth of China’s wealth and high-end villa market, people gradually have come to accept the use of lifts in villas. This can help family members save time and physical strength, but might bring risks to them as well if unreliable lifts are used . Safety is the most important factor for the purchase of a home elevator. CIBES LIFT AB has carried out long-term research and trials, steadily improving and incorporating safety and security measures into its design. How can Cibes Lift make sure the safety of the family members when they are using the lift?

Safety features of the Cibes lift for private use:

1. Advanced and unique security brake device (located above the control panel and around the edge of the platform);

2. Overload protection device;

3. Emergency stop;

4. Safety control circuit;

5. Platform safety edges on four sides extended to the floor for a safe brake in case of foreign body getting into the mechanism;

6. Smooth inner wall of the shaft— the convex surface cannot be bigger than 5mm in accordance to the standards of European home lift industry;

7. Nut for driving load;

8. Safety nut for safety assurance;

9. Lubricant cylinder for real-time maintenance for screw;

10. High-strength screw to ensure safe operation;

The simple structure of the Cibes Lift symbolizes stability and safety. No accident has ever occurred during the 40 years since Cibes lifts with screw driven mechanism were first used in Europe.


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